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The Art and Science of Analysis

Science is knowledge reduced to principles; art is knowledge reduced to practice. — Sir Samuel Wilks, British Physician I got the inspiration for this year’s theme in a hallway conversation with a colleague. We were discussing a common friend who is a chromatographer. At one point in the discussion, he said that he was “the only person that could make me believe that chromatography is a science, not an art.” As a chromatographer myself, I felt mildly offended at first.

Meet the 2014 EAS Bloggers

  My association with EAS dates back to 2001 and I was the president in 2014.  I am originally from France and came to North America in the early 1990’s.  A pharmacist and analytical chemist, I have been working in the pharmaceutical industry since 1995.  I live in Princeton, NJ and enjoy travels, music, arts and crafts.  I like writing but I’d never written a blog until last year.  There should be enough material in a year of planning for

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