Welcome to 2016!

The year 2016 promises to be an exciting one for EAS. We’ll have some new features in the Program, Short Courses, and Expo while holding on to favorites from years past. More about what’s new will be shared over the next few months. One new thing that we can talk about right now is our 2016 theme: “Analytical Chemistry Opens Doors.”

This theme grew out of my recognition that it’s been more than five years since I’ve been an analytical chemist, at least officially. However, one really never walks completely away from the discipline. The mindset remains; data is still king. Such has been the case for many of the members of the EAS Governing Board. We have analytical chemists who have transitioned to upper management, some entrepreneurs who have struck out on their own, Six Sigma BB’s, new product development chemists, and numerous other titles and roles. All of these individuals started as analytical chemists in one form or another. Their training and the skill set simply opened the door to other opportunities. That’s probably true for some of the readers here, too.

There’s another side of the theme, though, that’s symbolized by the grassy field beyond the door on our poster. Analytical chemistry has a very important role to play in helping to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems: pollution, climate change, feeding the world, healing the sick. Going back a couple of decades, measurement technologies were key to identifying the ozone hole and its causes. So, to borrow from a famous chemical company, you could say that a sub-text of our theme is “Better living through analytical chemistry.” That’s better living for the planet and for you, our partners.

We here at EAS strive to help open doors for you through our Webinars, Technical Program, Short Courses, Workshops, Expo, and all of the other activities throughout the year. We hope you find them helpful wherever your opportunities take you. If you have any ideas about how we can make EAS better in our efforts to serve the analytical community, please do not hesitate to let us know.

I look forward to interacting with you through our LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook accounts and to seeing you in Somerset, NJ in November.

Daryl Cobranchi
2016 EAS President