Tuesday Breakfast Lecture

Deputy Chief Inspector David Bowers is responsible for the Career Development Unit, Forensic Lab and Domestic and Global Security at National Headquarters in Washington D.C.

He joined the United States Postal Service in 1987, as an Industrial Engineer, and became a postal inspector in 1998.

In the past, he played a significant role in the federal government’s investigation into the anthrax mailings that killed five people, including two postal employees, and injured 17 others in 2001, just one month after the 9/11 attacks. He was instrumental in helping the agency design a high tech, rapid response to dangerous substances found in the mail.

He served as the security officer for the United Nation’s specialized agency in Berne Switzerland which oversees the world’s handling of international mail.  He was an integral part of the creation of UPU security standards S58 and S59 which are now mandatory for all UPU member countries,

He held management positions in the Postal Inspection Service’s New York and Washington DC field offices before being assigned to Postal Headquarters.

Mr. Bowers earned his Bachelor of Science degree, Industrial Engineering, from New Jersey Institute of Technology.