NY/NJ Section of the Society for Applied Spectroscopy Gold Medal Award:

Prof. John Lombardi received his A.B. in chemistry from Cornell University and M.A. & PhD from Harvard University. From 1967-1972 he was assistant professor at University of Illinois; 1972-1973 visiting scientist at University of Leiden, The Netherlands; 1973-1975, visiting scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He has been at City College, CUNY, New York since 1975 and is currently professor in the chemistry department. His research interests span a number of topics: electronic structure and spectra of diatomic and polyatomic molecules using high resolution spectroscopic techniques; theoretical studies in the quantum mechanics momentum representation; use of lasers in optical spectroscopy light scattering and surface enhanced Raman scattering.

Prof. Lombardi has authored 255 publications with over 9000 citations. John has had a critical impact on the theoretical fundamental understanding of surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and its applications. In collaboration with co-workers at Metropolitan Museum of Art and John Jay College of Criminal Justice, John applied surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy to Cultural Heritage problems, as well as forensic problems including opioid identification, trace evidence identification.

Prof. Lombardi received numerous honors: NIH Predoctoral Fellowship, 1965-1967; Research Fellow of Committee for Scholarly Communications with the Peoples’ Republic of China,1981; guest professor, Jilin University, Peoples Republic of China 2005-2010-present; visiting Committee of the Department of Scientific Research, Metropolitan Museum of Art since 2008.

Prof. Lombardi is editor, (with B. Garetz) for Advances in Laser Spectroscopy; senior editor, Asian Journal of Spectroscopy; associate editor (with Ivano Alessandri), Frontiers in Chemistry, Special Edition “SERS 2.0 reloaded: New theoretical approaches, materials and strategies”