List of Exhibitors

908 Devices

908 Devices, is democratizing chemical analysis by way of mass spectrometry, offering point-of-need chemical analysis devices ranging from rugged, handheld chemical detection tools to compact, tiny footprint analyzers and fast separation devices. These purpose-built devices serve a range of industries including safety and security, oil & gas, life sciences and other applied markets. 908 Devices is headquartered in the heart of Boston where they research, design and manufacture innovative products based on High Pressure Mass SpectrometryTM (HPMS).


Ace Glass Inc.

Ace Glass Incorporated is celebrating 80 years of being a leader and innovator of scientific glassware, lab equipment and glass apparatus. Ace Glass provides a wide variety of quality U.S. manufactured standard and custom scientific glassware, including reactors engineered to any customer's specifications from 100mL-200L. Ace Glass is also a distributor for many of the finest manufacturers of laboratory equipment, such as, Lauda, IKA, KNF , Glas-Col, J-Kem and Caframo.


Activated Research Company

The Polyarc system is a 3D-printed microreactor that enhances GC/FIDs by converting all organic compounds to methane molecules for universal carbon detection. By seamlessly integrating this device into existing routines, scientists improve data quality, allow for more economical use of resources, reduce error producing steps, and increase throughput. This technology is being used to analyze specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biofuels, and more. Come by our booth to discover how the Polyarc system will revolutionize your analysis.


Agilent Technologies

Agilent is committed to providing advanced laboratory solutions that help scientists solve real-world problems such as ensuring the quality of food, water, and air; managing the world's resources and energy; and developing therapeutics and diagnostics to fight disease.


Airgas USA LLC

Airgas, an Air Liquide company, engineers the right solutions for analytical and life science laboratories. High-purity gases (99.999%), high-tolerance blends; gas delivery systems, laboratory design services; cryogenics, freezers, off-site repositories ‒ you'll find it with Airgas. Our 11 national labs, 70 regional labs (most ISO 9001 registered; eight also ISO/IEC 17025 accredited), 26 AcuGrav© automated specialty gas fill stations, and automated FTIR analysis provide consistent top quality, local inventory and reliable delivery. Visit


American Chemical Society's New York Section

American Chemical Society's New York Section member relations. Everyone in Science is invited to stop by to learn more about the NYACS. Current members are encouraged to stop by to say hello and/or volunteer to join a committee. Applications will be available for science professionals interested in joining the American Chemical Society. NYACS Website:


American Chromatography Supplies

American Chromatography supplies and distributes for top-quality manufacturers. Our product offering has been chosen in a way that will give you the maximum flexibility solving your analytical challenges for your chromatography, dissolution and spectroscopy essentials. We continually strive to provide the highest quality and competitively priced products, backed by expert technical support and after-sales service, along with fast delivery. Enjoy peace of mind using reliable and trustworthy products from market leaders.


American Laboratory

For laboratory managers and researchers utilizing analytical chemistry and its applications, seeking knowledge on new technologies, methods, applications, and products, the American Laboratory® publication platform provides comprehensive technology coverage for laboratory professionals at all stages of their careers. Unlike single-channel publications, American Laboratory® is a multidisciplinary resource that engages scientists through print, digital, mobile, multimedia, and social channels to provide practical information and solutions for cutting-edge results.


American Pharmaceutical Review

American Pharmaceutical Review is an informative and unbiased voice on industry trends, regulatory movements, technological advances, and scientific research affecting senior executives, R&D and formulation scientists, bioprocessing and QA/QC specialists, and pharmaceutical professionals. The resources provided by American Pharmaceutical Review aims to boost productivity in the pharmaceutical sciences industry.


Arizona Instrument LLC

Computrac®, by Arizona Instrument LLC, offers fast, accurate and durable moisture analyzers. The Computrac Vapor Pro® XL is our latest instrument - just released in August 2016. It is a moisture specific, chemical-free alternative to Karl Fischer. It features an upgraded heater, a brand new touchscreen and a redesigned bottle transport that allows for testing in crimp top vials from 2R to 30R. The Computrac MAX® series consists of rugged and reliable loss-on-drying and loss-on-ignition instruments.


Baseline Service LLC

Since March of 1995 Baseline Service has been providing laboratories Asset Management services and support. For over 19 years Baseline has been successful in servicing the FDA regulated, Cosmetic and Consumer Healthcare industries, meeting there laboratory and process instrument requirements. In 2011 Baseline received ISO-17025 Accreditation in order to maintain a high level and standard of quality. We also represent ElectroLabs full line of tablet testing equipment including Dissolution, Disintegration, Hardness testers, Friability and more. In addition, Baseline distributes Citizen and Shimadzu balances.



Biocompare ( is the most comprehensive, in-depth, and objective website for life science product information. Thousands of scientists use Biocompare daily to quickly find the right product for their experiments rather than looking through multiple print catalogs. Visit Biocompare to find the products you need, stay informed of new technologies, read product reviews, watch product videos, and keep up-to-date on life science news.



Biotage is a leading provider of consumables and instruments for sample preparation, organic purification and synthesis, peptide synthesis and evaporation. Stop by our booth to find out how to speed up your solvent evaporation with a Turbovap or SPE-Dry instrument. Also, learn more about the Extrahera automated sample processing system. Talk with one of our technical reps about the ISOLUTE SLE+, a cost-effective and automation-compatible alternative to liquid-liquid extraction. New Applications available include new methods for SPICE, cocaine, Anti-epileptic Drugs, Mycotoxins and Vitamin D.


Bruker Corporation

Bruker is a performance leader in life science and analytical systems. For over 50 years, Bruker has been driven by a single idea: to provide the best technological solution for each analytical task. Our trusted solutions encompass a wide number of analytical techniques ranging from Magnetic Resonance to Mass Spectrometry, Microanalysis, and Optical and X-Ray Spectroscopy. These market and technology leading products are driving and facilitating many key application areas such as life science research, pharmaceutical analysis, applied analytical chemistry applications, materials research, and nanotechnology, clinical research, molecular diagnostics and homeland defense. Visit us in Booth #602/604 and join us in the Davis Room on Monday, November 14th from 9:00am - 4:00pm for our special workshop: "Reverse Engineering of Materials and Polymers Using Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy". This workshop will be focused on the process of utilizing spectroscopy to characterize the various industrial and pharmaceutical products. Examples will be presented as well as hands-on demonstration of infrared and Raman analysis of real world products. Attendees are encouraged to bring samples of interest for analysis during the hands-on session. Lunch and refreshments will be provided. Register now at:


Carltex Inc.

Carltex Inc. will be exhibiting BestScope Microscopes, a complete and comprehensive line of affordable top quality Microscopy and Imaging products for Education, Science, and Industry. The full line of models include Laboratory, Biological, Stereo, and LCD Digital Microscopes - all these models are available in both Upright and Inverted Versions. Imaging products include Microscope Cameras and the revolutionary BLC Series of HD LCD Touchscreen Tablet Cameras that can be retrofitted to any microscope and provides sample visualization, high definition photography, and calibrated measurements (select models). Also on display will be KZ BD11E/12E Laboratory Flatbed Chart Recorders and the LY Series of XY Recorders.



CAS, a division of the American Chemical Society, is dedicated to the ACS vision of improving people's lives through the transforming power of chemistry. The CAS team of highly trained scientists finds, collects and organizes all publicly disclosed substance information, creating the world's most valuable collection of content that is vital to innovation worldwide. Scientific researchers, patent professionals and business leaders around the world rely on a suite of research solutions from CAS that enable discovery and facilitate workflows to fuel tomorrow's innovation.


CDS Analytical

CDS Analytical (a LabTech Company) is a leading global provider of innovative thermal sample preparation instrumentation for the analytical laboratory. CDS offers a complete suite of diverse front-end GC (GC/MS) equipment including pyrolysis, purge and trap, headspace, and thermal desorption systems. CDS now offers a diverse suite of LabTech's organic sample preparation systems to complement our GC introduction products LabTech is a leading global provider of cooling/heating equipment, evaporation, extraction, clean-up and concentration platforms.


CEM Corporation

CEM Corporation is the leading global provider of microwave laboratory instrumentation for a wide range of laboratory needs including sample preparation, chemical synthesis, peptide synthesis, and bioscience applications. As pioneers in the field of microwave chemistry, we have a thorough understanding of the science and can help you solve your difficult applications problems. We design and develop fast, efficient, cost-effective systems that are the method of choice for chemists around the world. Stop by our booth #324 and discover what is new in innovative microwave laboratory systems and applications.


Chemglass Life Sciences

Chemglass Life Sciences offers an extensive line of chromatography vials and accessories with of over 800 products including: Standard Opening Crimp and Threaded Finish, Large Opening Crimp and Threaded Finish, WISP Vials, Head Space Vials, Snap Seal Vials, High Recovery Vials, Septa, Bonded Septa, Closures, Crimpers, De-Cappers and Accessories. For the latest product and technical information, please visit our web site:


Chromatography Forum of the Delaware Valley

The Chromatography Forum of the Delaware Valley (CFDV) is one of the oldest chromatography discussion groups in the United States. It sponsors monthly meetings from September to June featuring noted and topical speakers in chromatography and separation science. CFDV is a sponsoring organization of EAS, and sponsors the Dal Nogare Award at the Pittsburgh Conference, as well as student awards. It presents the one-day Spring Symposium, and provides training courses in GC, HPLC, Advanced HPLC, and a variety of special topics. CFDV membership is open to anyone interested in the fields of chromatography or separation science. For information, visit the website, or the CFDV booth at EAS.


Citizen Instruments

Citizen Instruments Inc. with more than three decades of experience in the world of weighing is one of the leading manufacturers of Electronic Lab Balances , Lab Equipments , Scales & Calibration Weights used in Q.C. & R&D Dept of Pharmaceutical, Laboratory , Chemical , Food , Universities-schools- colleges , Hospital Labs Industries. We specialize in High Precision Micro ,Analytical and Precision Balances. Pipette Calibration Micro Balance , Filter Micro Balance , Ultrasonic Cleaner , Hardness Tester , Friability Tester , Ph Meter etc. are our Special Products for Pharma Companies . We also have a wide range of Industrial scales viz. Platform Scales, Bench Scales, Counting Scales, Moisture Balances, Analytical Balances, Health Scales & Crane Scales etc.which can be used for Production , Packaging & Shipping Dept in Pharma Industies , You can check out all our products on our website


Clearsynth Canada Inc.

Clearsynth is a technology based research driven enterprise, with Worlds Largest Inventory of Reference Standards & Research Chemicals, specialises in manufacturing of Pharmaceutical chemicals like Stable Isotope Labelled Compounds, Metabolites, Conjugate Impurities & Innovative Organo-chemistry, custom synthesis of Complex Glucuronides. Catering to 60 countries, across 5 continents, 5000+ clientele with our offices & labs in India & North America. "If you can draw it, we can create it". Learn about us at Booth no.425 & for more information kindly mail us at


Coblentz Society

The Coblentz Society is a non-profit organization founded in 1954. Its purpose is to foster the understanding and application of vibrational spectroscopy. The Society presents five awards annually (Lippencott, Williams-Wright, Bomen-Michelson, Coblentz, and the Craver New Investigators Awards) to recognize outstanding scientists whose contributions have made an impact on the field of vibrational spectroscopy. In addition to these awards, the Society offers encouragement to young spectroscopists through its Student Award Program. The society also organizes sessions at conferences (see EAS program for sessions organized by Coblentz) and provides networking opportunities (e.g. Coblentz Memeber's Reception) to talk with leaders in the field of vibrational spectroscopy. We are the technical affiliate for vibrational spectroscopy for the Society of Applied Spectroscopy. We publish a newsletter to our membership. We do market reference texts of various collections of infrared spectra and also have a digital version that is searchable co-marketed with NIST. Remember to come to the Coblentz Member's Reception Monday at 6 PM in Parlor 166 at the DoubleTree. For more information look us up on the WEB at


COSA Xentaur

Cosa Xentaur provides innovative, affordable measurement solutions to the pharmaceutical, chemical, refinery, gas, natural gas, power and fuels industries. NEW for 2015: The updated SpinPulse 20MHz low resolution TD-NMR, AI-60 cryogen free, high resolution 60MHz NMR, the AQF-2100H Combustion Ion Chromatography, the VG-200 LPG Moisture Vaporizer, the VA-236 Solid KF Autosampler and the NSX-2100V/H Total Sulfur/Nitrogen/Chloride Analyzer. Also exhibiting Mitsubishi`s CAKF-200 Dual Channel Coulometric & Volumetric KF and GT-200 General Titrators.



Czitek weds the Science of Vibrational Spectroscopy (IR and Raman) with Innovative Technology to provide cost effective solutions tailored to our customer's needs. Our Mission: To provide simplified solutions for spectroscopy. Let Czitek make your job easier through cost effective, easy-to-use instrumental and sampling solutions.


DANI Instruments Inc.

Dani Instruments manufactures a complete line of gas chromatography instrumentation including: Headspace autosamplers for USP 467 and Environmental Analysis, GC and GC-TOF mass spectrometry instruments, and DiscovIR-GC automated solid phase GC-IR detectors.


Defiant Technologies

Defiant Technologies is a world leader in portable gas chromatography. Our flagship product, the FROG-4000 is a the smallest and fastest portable gas chromatograph available. The FROG-4000 provides lab quality results for analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air, liquids, or solids.


DigiPol Technologies

DigiPol NOVA series of Automatic Polarimeters are fully compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations. They are fully featured for the demanding applications of the pharmaceutical testing and allow method creation as per all the major global pharmacopeias USP, BP, EP, JP etc. They offer high accuracy, full wavelength coverage including 325 nm, built-in Peltier temperature control, and multiple user levels and permissions. DigiPol Technologies, earlier known as Rudolph Instruments Inc., rededicates itself to the vision of innovative and quality technology of the late Mr. Hellmuth Rudolph, who founded the company back in 1948.


Dissolution Technologies

Dissolution Technologies is a peer-reviewed and indexed quarterly journal reporting current information and scientific articles on dissolution testing and related topics. It provides an international forum for open exchange of information. The Journal is celebrating 20 years of publishing this year. Books related to dissolution topics are available for sale on the website, The website contains all back and current issues and is searchable. All current and back articles are available for free as a PDF download.


Distek, Inc.

Distek, Inc., headquartered in North Brunswick, NJ, is a leading manufacturer of laboratory testing instruments for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, as well as an experienced provider of validation and qualification services. Distek's robust product portfolio includes water bath and bathless dissolution, dissolution media heating, degassing, dispensing and disposal, in-situ fiber optic UV, bathless tablet disintegration, content uniformity, digital video monitoring, programmable automated sampling and now a single-use bioreactor system for mammalian cell culture applications. Founded in 1976, Distek has an excellent reputation for innovation, product reliability, and customer support, and we believe that these, as well as continual improvement are essential to our current and future growth, and crucial to ongoing success. Distek's core market includes brand name and generic pharmaceutical drug manufacturers, CRO's, CMO's, Nutraceuticals, government agencies, and universities. To ensure consistent quality and to meet the international standards of our world market, Distek has been ISO certified since 2002. Visit Distek Booth #502/504 at EAS 2016 to learn more.


DPX Technologies

Founded in 2006, DPX Technologies specializes in dispersive pipette extraction (DPX) tips. The patented DPX tip is a solid-phase extraction (SPE) device that incorporates loosely contained sorbent between an upper and lower barrier that allows for mixing with the sample solution. Enhanced surface area produces extraction results at a fraction of the time, cost and effort of traditional SPE devices. The company specializes in custom applications for a diverse client base, to include clinical and forensic laboratories, the food safety sector and pharmaceutical industry. Privately held, DPX maintains its primary research and development laboratory and manufacturing operations in Columbia, South Carolina. In response to growing customer demand, the company has recently opened a second research and development facility in La Jolla, California.


Elemental Scientific, Inc.

Elemental Scientific develops and produces a full range of advanced automation and sample introduction systems for the determination of trace elemental concentrations by ICPMS, ICP, ICP-OES and FAA. Our extensive product line includes intelligent autosampler systems that fully automate inline/offline dilution, autocalibration and other advanced sample introduction methods. We offer application-specific solutions designed to automate, simplify and improve lab efficiency for atomic spectroscopy instrumentation.


Elementar Americas, Inc.

Elementar is the world leader in analytical instruments for organic and inorganic materials. Our systems cover a wide range of analytical needs from elemental analysis to Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometers. Our newest IRMS, the precisION, will be on display at EAS. The precisION is a new concept in inlet options and flexibility. This exceptional instrument provides new and unprecedented levels of usability which makes the power of IRMS available to new and inexperienced users, while providing a revolution in IRMS technology for the experienced IRMS analyst.


Entech Instruments

Entech Instruments is a leading developer and manufacturer of analytical instrumentation that supports professionals around the world in the Environmental, Industrial Hygiene, Food & Beverage, Product Testing, Forensic, and Clinical Analysis markets. We specialize in the creation of inert sample collection equipment as well as GCMS sample preparation and introduction technologies. Many of these products feature Silonite®, our proprietary ceramic coating that is designed to render stainless steel tubing, canisters, and other sampling equipment as inert as a GC column. We provide our customers with complete solutions and support for "analytical grade" air monitoring and headspace GCMS inlet systems that can sample, store, and recover virtually all gas chromatography compatible compounds.



Since 1968 Erlab has continuously innovated chemical filtration products for the safety of laboratory personnel. This year, we showcase the new Captair Smart ductless fume hoods, Captair Smart filtered storage cabinets and Halo Smart air filtration system. Stop by our booth for a hands-on experience of the new Smart Technology built into each product that now makes life in the lab Simpler and Safer.


ES Industries

ES Industries supplies the widest variety HPLC, SFC & Convergence Chromatography columns available including unique chiral & super base deactivated/pH stable phases. We have sub-2um columns specifically designed for use with ultra-high pressure chromatography systems for reverse phase, HILIC, LC-MS, SFC & Convergence Chromatography applications. We offer a wide variety of SFC & Convergence Chromatography columns for analytical & preparative applications including ethyl pyridine, pyridyl amide, fluorinated, nitro, Basic DEAP & carbohydrate based chiral columns.


EST Analytical

EST Analytical is a world leader in laboratory automation, GC and GC/MS sample introduction. The Flex Autosampler series offers a robust and cost effective automation platform for liquid injection, Headspace and SPME analysis. With state-of-the-art software the system is designed to be reliable, easily customized for various applications and programming is simple and intuitive. Since 1990, EST analytical has become the US manufacturer of robotic platforms that labs have relied on for reliability. Now labs can buy direct from the manufacturer and experience best-in-class service and support after the sale.


Evolution Scientific

Founded in 2004, Evolution Scientific is veteran owned company with a national presence. We are a rapidly growing comprehensive technical service provider to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries. We provide a wide variety of technical services to include: calibration, metrology, maintenance, and certification services. We also perform a extensive range of engineering based services including: commissioning, qualification, validation, project management, and consulting. Additionally, we offer our clients supplemental technical staffing solutions, and training. Evolution Scientific brings unparalleled capabilities in service combined with custom-tailored, single source solutions while delivering an exceptional business value. With a dedication to the regulated Life Sciences industries, unmatched quality, national reach and local presence; Evolution Scientific, Inc. provides our client?s best value service solutions.


FlackTek - SpeedMixer

FlackTek Inc. will be demonstrating an advanced tool for mixing, grinding/milling, and dispersing. This Non-Invasive Mixing® technology can be used to process any combination of powders, pastes, putties, and liquids from 1 g to 10 kg. The SpeedMixer removes air bubbles while homogenizing the sample, in seconds, and there is absolutely no cleanup.


Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc.

Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. manufactures industry-leading particle analysis instrumentation based on digital imaging technology. Our flagship product, the FlowCam®, is the first automated particle analysis instrument to use digital imaging for measuring size and shape of microscopic particles in a fluid medium. With applications in oceanographic research, municipal water, biopharmaceutical formulations, chemicals, oil and gas, biofuels and many other markets, Fluid Imaging Technologies continues to lead the way in imaging particle analysis.


GenTech Scientific, Inc.

Why Buy New When You Don't Have To? For 20 years, GenTech has been refurbishing GC, HPLC, MS, LC/MS, ICP/MS equipment and laboratory accessories from a wide range of manufacturers. Our refurbished analytical instruments have been expertly restored to meet OEM standards. Beyond simple refurbishment, we certify these products only after they've met our stringent criteria. Extend your peace of mind with our extended warranty, 1 - 5 years available. We offer customized training, expert service, depot repair and professional installation. Rent, lease or purchase from our warehouse of meticulously maintained instruments. We provide the options you need to equip your lab for less.



One half century of Chemical Analysis Solutions: GC/MS, LC/MS sample introduction and stand-alone workstations with the most advanced software control available (MAESTRO). MultiPurpose and PrepStation Autosamplers provide maximum versatility and throughput for liquid injection, SPME, Headspace, ALEX, SPE, dpx®, Dynamic HS, ATEX, weighing, centrifugation, vortexing, solvent evaporation, and more. Twister® (SBSE) performs solventless extraction with ultra-low detection limits. The most versatile Thermal Desorption System available for all sample types. Cooled (PTV) inlet, Olfactory Detection, Multidimensional Heartcutting, Preparative Fraction Collector. Since 1967, GERSTEL analytical instrumentation have enabled analysts to achieve ultra-low detection levels in complex matrices with unequalled preparative capability, while dramatically increasing sample throughput; handle difficult sample preparation challenges; and analyze a wide range of sample types complete with software integration (Agilent, SCIEX, LECO, ThermoFisher, Shimadzu). Premier Solution Partner for Agilent Technologies


Glas-Col, LLC

Check out our mixers for the QuEChERS method of analyzing pesticide residue. See the New FlexiVap Evaporation Workstation which is ideal for reducing nitrogen consumption and is proven for quick, efficient removal of solvents. Also see our Volumetric Flask Shaker, one system capable of doing several volumetric flask sizes. The EPA has approved our shakers for various EPA methods and we will have these available for your inspection. Glas-Col still offers one of the largest selections of heating mantles and custom heating jackets in the world plus a complete line of temperature controls and monitors. We now also offer a wide range of safety accessories, Glovebags, safety shields, and lead stability products. Visit us in booth #340.


HI Scientific Services Inc.

Established in 1983 HI Scientific Services was one of the first independent third-party HPLC service companies. HI Scientific Services provides service and calibrations on all major brands of HPLC instrumentation. Our success has been the direct result of our ability to keep our customers happy through our quick response time, quality professional service, and low prices. We take pride in providing personal and individual attention as part of our service program.


Innovations United

Innovations United provides HPLC & degassing products in partnership with Biotech & Chromanik. Chromanik features SunArmor technology with a pH range of 2-12 and an excellent peak for acidic, basic and metal chelating compounds as well as new SunShell® Coreshell columns. Further, Biotech offers the highest quality degassing parts and introduced the first in-line, membrane degasser ready to use with aggressive media and organic solvents while maintaining flow rates of 150ml/min and above.



JASCO specializes in Spectroscopy and Chromatography instrumentation with over 55 years experience within the academic, pharmaceutical, forensics, biotechnology, and industrial markets worldwide. JASCO's spectroscopy line up includes FT-IR, portable IR, UV-Vis/NIR, Fluorescence, Raman, portable Raman, Polarimeters, and Circular Dichroism systems. Our chromatography side offers HPLC, UHPLC and SFC.



JEOL is a global leader of NMR, DART/MS, GC/MS, MALDI/MS and electron optical instrumentation (SEMs and TEMs) used for scientific research and industrial applications. JEOL provides innovative solutions, technologies and products, along with applications expertise and customer support. Our AccuTOF-DART-4G mass spectrometer allows analysis in open air with no solvent or sample preparation required, and our AccuTOF GCx is the only high-resolution mass spectrometer that combines GCxGC with high-resolution mass spectrometry and a choice of EI, CI and FI ion sources. The JEOL combination EI/FI source offers a powerful and routine alternative to chemical ionization for a wide range of applications. We can also tell you about InfiTOF - JEOL's new, compact mass spectrometer designed for real-time, direct gas introduction and analysis. Stop by to hear more and also to learn about our ultra-compact automated ECZ 400 MHz NMR. This system includes our advanced, user-friendly Delta software and free site license.


Kinesis Inc.

Kinesis are specialists in the supply and support of Chromatography Consumables, Instrumentation, Method Development Software, Instrument Spares and Solvent Safety Products. ChromSword, Diba Industries, Knauer, Rheodyne, and Upchurch Scientific are some of the product Kinesis distributes. Additionally, Kinesis own brands include KX VaporSafe for HPLC Solvent Safety, KX+ Autosampler Vials & Caps, KX Syringe & Membrane Filters and TELOS SPE, Flash Chromatography & HPLC Products. We are pleased to be introducing some exciting new additions to our distribution range; the CambTEK RES Platform for fully automated dosage form extraction, which is revolutionizing the sample preparation process, and the Microsaic miniaturized mass spectrometer, which delivers innovative, compact analysis with quality and reliability. Product experts will be on hand to discuss their features and how these instruments will benefit your business.


Lab Support

Lab Support is an international leader in placing science and engineering professionals in contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire opportunities. The company has a reputation as one of the best in the business and recently earned Inavero's Best of Staffing® Client Award for providing superior service to clients. Lab Support serves a variety of industries and institutions, including biotechnology, medical device, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, environmental, chemical, consumer care, clinical laboratories, hospitals, universities, and municipalities.



For laboratory managers and researcher scientists across analytical chemistry and applied sciences who need to find product solutions, advice, and access scientific tools. Labcompare provides an industry-leading, comprehensive, online resource of product information to support the laboratory's needs. Labcompare supports every step of the buying journey by focusing on core and new product technology, supplies, tips, and buyer's guides.


LabX Media Group

LabX Media Group is the ultimate lab network. It includes four key brands-LabX, LabWrench, Lab Manager and The Scientist. LabX is an online marketplace for buying and selling lab equipment. LabWrench is a social network where lab professionals, manufacturers, and industry experts share ideas, and gather information on lab products. Lab Manager is a publication focused on the lab professional who is responsible for setting the lab's direction and identifying, recommending and purchasing technology. The Scientist reports on research, technology, news, business and careers in the life sciences.


LCGC North America

LCGC is the largest dedicated publication in North America serving the chromatography market. With commitment to editorial excellence, LCGC covers all key growth segments in the industry by providing peer-reviewed, technical, applications oriented information to influential chromatographers so they can improve productivity in their laboratory.



LCGC is the largest dedicated publication in North America serving the chromatography market. With commitment to editorial excellence, LCGC covers all key growth segments in the industry by providing peer-reviewed, technical, applications oriented information to influential chromatographers so they can improve productivity in their laboratory.


Leland Limited, Inc.

Small handheld gas filled cylinders and pressure reducing regulators find their way into laboratories and research labs for calibration and pressurization. All cylinders <100ml of water capacity size are excepted from the expensive HazMat packaging, testing and shipping requirements of CFR49. Lightweight, affordable and portable are several features Leland Gas Technologies has perfected over the last 51 years. Gas filled cylinders and related gas handling equipment made under ISO9001 and ISO13485 registration. Manufacturing in US and Japan.


LGC Standards

LGC Standards is a global supplier and manufacturer of high quality pharmaceutical impurity and primary standards. New products are regularly added to our portfolio, and all products are supplied with the most comprehensive CofAs available in the industry. We also provide drug and metabolite reference materials, CRMs for pesticides, contaminants and veterinary drugs, as well as proficiency testing programs for the pharmaceutical and clinical markets. Most products are stocked in our Manchester, NH warehouse.


Logan Instruments Corp.

Logan Instruments Corp. is based in Somerset, NJ. For over 25 years, Logan has been designing and manufacturing instrumentation for the pharmaceutical industry. Starting in the dissolution field, Logan manufactures instrumentation for USP 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Logan plans to exhibit it's 8-Position, 3-Speed dissolution camera system, and their DHC-6T for scientists looking to test their cream, gel, lotion, oils, ointment, and transdermal formulations.


MAC-MOD Analytical, Inc.

Please stop by our booth (#501/503) to visit and to see our latest offerings in the ACE and HALO product lines. We will be highlighting the new HALO 2 UHPLC columns (300,000 plates/meter, outperform 1.7 micron non-core columns) and HALO Protein C4 and ES-C18 columns in the HALO family. We will also be introducing the new ACE UltraCore solid-core 2.5 and 5 micron columns in the ultra-inert and broad-pH-range (1.5 to 11.0) SuperC18 and SuperPhenylHexyl phases. ACE Excel columns are now available in five new diverse selectivities for UHPLC/HPLC method development and analysis: SuperC18, C18-AR, C18-PFP, C18-Amide and CN-ES.



MACHEREY-NAGEL, manufacturer of analytical products such as the world-renowned NUCLEOSIL®, announces new chromatography products for HPLC and GC. - NUCLEODUR® C18 Gravity-SB - the hydrophobic C18 phase with distinct polar selectivity for a better retention of early eluting substances - OPTIMA® 1701 MS - the mid-polar low bleed silarylene phase with 100 % ion trap and quadropol MS compatibility



Magritek is a world leading company developing and manufacturing portable NMR solutions for education, research and industrial applications. SpinsolveTM is the first benchtop NMR instrument capable of multinuclear (1H, 19F, 31P, 13C) and multidimensional NMR that does not require cryogenics and is maintenance free. Magritek is exhibiting Spinsolve®, a revolutionary benchtop NMR spectrometer that provides exceptional performance in a low-cost, convenient and compact package.


Metrohm USA

Metrohm is a leading manufacturer of laboratory and process instruments for chemical analysis. Metrohm is unique in offering solutions for all varieties of ion analysis (potentiometric and Karl Fischer titration, voltammetry, ion chromatography, pH, ion, conductivity, and stability measurement). The Metrohm portfolio also includes software, dosing systems and solutions for laboratory automation.



METTLER TOLEDO is the world's largest manufacturer and marketer of weighing instruments. The Company also holds top-three market positions in titration, thermal analysis, density, refractometry and pH analytical instruments markets and is a leading provider of automated chemistry systems used in drug and chemical compound discovery and development. Additional information about METTLER TOLEDO can be found at


MicroLiter Analytical Supplies, Inc.

MicroLiter Analytical Supplies (A WHEATON® Company), Inc. utilizes 20 years of expertise to develop important products for the autosampler market. The MicroLiter product line also assists preparation of samples by allowing the prep labs to utilize higher volume methods of sample prep. Samples had always been prepped in multi-well microplates and transferred to autosampler vials for final analysis. Now the final elution could be transferred to the Analytical Lab without costly transfers. MicroLiter has established itself as a leader of microplate technology for chromatography. As a WHEATON® Company, MicroLiter will continue to offer high-performance autosampler vials and accessories. Please visit us at Booth #210.


MicroSolv Technology Corporation

Autosampler vials that do not adsorb basic compounds, add sodium to the samples or casue pH changes like all other glass vials. Eliminates quantitation errors, spurious & missing peaks and other problems associated with borosilcate glass, a best practice for LCMS. Also, HPLC columns for metabolomics, clinical chemistry, medicianl chemistry, research and bio analytical as well as many advances in separation sciences. 2.o TYPE-C columns are introduced.


Milestone Inc.

Over 20,000 customers worldwide utilize Milestone products for microwave acid digestion and solvent extraction, synthesis and ashing, as well as acid purification systems and direct mercury analyzers for solid, liquid and gas samples. The Milestone team brings together a vision for the future of science, a passion for technology and knowledge of applications with the ultimate goal of helping chemists with research and quality control. The patented technology provides the operator with unsurpassed safety and performance capability through the highest temperature and pressure controls, highest safety, ease of use and fast cooling, bringing efficiency in an advanced instrumentation laboratory to a new level. Our consultative partnership approach and the trust of our customers have led Milestone to becoming an industry expert in a wide variety of applications, involving some of the most challenging matrices. The Milestone mission is to enable laboratories worldwide with success, growth, and continuous innovation.



MilliporeSigma is the U.S. life science business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany. With 19,000 employees and 72 manufacturing sites worldwide, MilliporeSigma's portfolio spans more than 300,000 products enabling scientific discovery. MilliporeSigma has customers in life science companies, university and government institutions, hospitals and industry. MilliporeSigma offers a wide range of products for analytical chemists from sample prep, Cerilliant Certified Reference Materials, HPLC and GC columns to filtration and Milli-Q® water purification.


Molnar-Institute for applied chromatography

Molnár-Institute for applied chromatography is the home of DryLab® software, which offers an intuitive and visual solution for the creation of fast, robust and high quality HPLC methods within the Quality-by-Design framework. With its comprehensive resolution and robustness mapping abilities, DryLab® enables chromatographers to easily determine their optimal working space and to gain unprecedented insight into the effects of various parameters on the resolution and selectivity of the separation. Using real data, DryLab® creates 3D resolution maps showing the simultaneous interaction of gradient time, temperature, and pH or ternary eluent composition for approximately 1 million chromatograms. Users can further evaluate the influence of flow rate, column dimensions, instrument parameters, and eluent composition in gradient and isocratic work without conducting additional experiments. The flexibility and depth of information offered by DryLab® make this state-of-the-art software the go-to solution for method development, optimization, trouble-shooting, robustness testing, and training in HPLC.


Mott Corporation

Mott's new line of HPLC/UHPLC Static Mixers are designed to give you optimal mixing efficiency at low volumes. This patent pending 3D printed design is an all stainless steel construction that uses innovative technology to provide both micro- and macro-mixing. Mott will also exhibit samples of our column frits, flow restrictors (laminar flow) for gas control, solvent sinker filters, discs used in regenerative dryers, and micro-spargers.


Nacalai USA

Nacalai provides HPLC and SFC columns with alternate selectivity. The core-shell Cosmocore PBr is a reversed-phase column with pentabromobenzyl functional group. It retains both very polar and non-polar molecules. PBr retains polar molecules well in aqueous condition for neutral and acidic compounds. This overcomes poor sample solubility, poor sample loading, and non-robustness in HILIC methods. Additionally, we provide SunShell HPLC/SFC columns in the US. Free column screening is available in our San Diego lab.


New Era Enterprises, Inc.

NMR Sample Tubes from micro to large diameter MRI cells, screw thread, tip-off, pressure valve and non-glass sample cells; capillary systems for very limited sample; RDC sample preparation and measurement supplies for both stretch and compression methods; 5mm NMR Sample Reaction System; NMR sampling accessories;EPR/ESR quartz sample tubes. TD NMR Sample Tubes for bench-top instruments and Food Science sampling glassware. Stable Isotope Compounds of Carbon, Oxygen, Nitrogen and Deuterium.


New York Microscopical Society

The New York Microscopical Society is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of theoretical and applied microscopy and the promotion of education and interest in all phases of microscopy.


NexTech Science Innovations, LLC

The company provides consultative sales support for analytical instrumentation/technology using independent selling agreements for defined products and territory assignments. Experience with mass spec, LC, GC, LAESI, accessories and other new technologies requiring targeted marketing and consultative selling process. Represent TOFWERK IMS/TOF, ICP/TOF, and GC/TOF mass spectrometers in Eastern US and Canada. If you are a small or large company with a new product, you may need the services that our company can provide.


North Jersey Section American Chemical Society

The North Jersey Section is the second largest section of the American Chemical Society in the country.. Our section represents a dynamic and diverse group of scientists as reflected in the many topical groups and committees. These groups offer programs throughout the year and we encourage each of you to regularly check the web pages of the groups of interest to you on our website and attend their meetings.


North Jersey Section of ACS, MS Discussion Group

The NJ-ACS Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group (MSDG) was formed in 1989 to promote and disseminate knowledge of mass spectrometry and related topics. The organization sponsors monthly seminars that focus on mass spectrometric applications in pharmaceutical, biotech, clinical, chemical, environmental sciences. MSDG also hosts The Annual Vendor Show on Mass Spectrometry that is attended by more than 400 local mass spectrometry users and major manufacturers and service providers related to mass spectrometry field.


Omicron Scientific

OMICRON SCIENTIFIC is a USA based multi-product specialty company with competitive edge in laboratory filtration consumables & accessories. We are an accredited registered body to an 'ISO 9001:2008 Quality Systems Standards' and we supply CE Certified products. We manufacture membrane based disposable syringe filters and all types of syringe filters for scientific applications. With strong production foundation and state-of-art facility, we can offer a diversified array of sizes and pore ratings in several different media. Over 300 products are currently available, and our strong commitment allows us to add much more. We follow stringent Q.C. parameters like test for the integrity of pores and housing, flow rate, stability, chemical compatibility and many other characteristics. We are a reliable technological partner in your research, development and production operations.


Pace Analytical Services, Inc.

Pace Analytical's LabOps Division is divided into 5 main service categories, to encompass everything you need to operate your laboratory efficiently and effectively. LabOps' Instrument Support Group (ISG) provides refurbished and pre-qualified instrumentation that meet or exceed OEM specification from a team with over 300 collective years of service experience. ISG also offers instrumentation services (PMs, Repairs, Qualifications & Training) focusing on GC, GC/MS, LC, LC/MS, ICP-MS, IC, and Dissolution with a wide range of service agreements, remote support, and specialized training options. LabOps' Professional Staffing Services is an expanding alternative to a temp agency; we work with you to provide a stable, contingent scientific workforce solution. LabOps' Product Regulatory Services offers expertise in SDS Authoring, product stewardship and supply chain regulatory data management. And recently added, LabOps Cleanroom Validation Services offers certification to your controlled environment laboratories, including Cleanrooms, Biological Safety Cabinets, fume hoods and more.


PANalytical Inc.

Elemental excellence ... PANalytical is the innovation leader for X-ray Diffraction (XRD) and X-ray Flourescence (XRF). PANalytical's R&D100 award-winning Empyrean is the only XRPD offering micro-CT, microdiffraction, polymorph screening, environmental testing, bioSAXS, etc. with a single detector. X'Pert3 Powder is the economical XRPD choice. Elemental analysis solutions include USP232-compliant elemental impurity and residual catalyst detection, benefits include 100% sample recovery, easy sample prep- no chemicals, GMP/21CFR p11, and 20-minute measurements. Systems include Zetium and Epsilon 5, and benchtops Epsilon3XLE and Epsilon 1.


Parker Hannifin

Parker Balston offers reliable, high purity gas generators for analytical instrumentation including hydrogen generators for fuel and carrier gas, nitrogen generators for LCMS, nitrogen generators for ICP, zero nitrogen generators makeup gas generators, GC gas stations, FID gas stations, nitrogen generators, LCMS tri-gas generators, low flow nitrogen generators, mid flow nitrogen generators, FT-IR purge gas generators, TOC gas generators, and ultra-dry air generators. For information on how to eliminate dependence on cylinders, please visit


Peak Scientific Instruments Ltd

Peak Scientific develops market-leading nitrogen, hydrogen and zero air systems mainly for the field of LC-MS and GC. An on-site gas generator from Peak Scientific is the practical and cost-effective alternative to pressurized gas cylinders. What differentiates us is our world-class technical support and ongoing service care throughout the generator's lifespan, giving you peace of mind. With a rapid response time and offices on every continent we deliver a local service on a global scale.


PerkinElmer Inc.

At PerkinElmer, we are taking action to improve the health and safety of people and their environment. PerkinElmer conceives and delivers scientific solutions, software and services to meet our society's ever-changing needs. We are committed to transforming risk into safety, mystery into knowledge and ideas into action for a healthier today and a better tomorrow. The need and demand for air and water quality monitoring and remediation continues to rise. Food safety and quality for a growing global population are critical issues that require solutions that deliver accuracy, precision, and rapid turnaround speeds. The measurement of volatile, semi-volatile and metal components in petrochemicals is important in laboratory, quality control and process monitoring. Instrument configurations meeting the needs of ASTM and other specialized methods are required. Scientists in today's pharmaceutical and biotech laboratory environments require speed, flexibility, and compliance in the discovery, development and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals. PerkinElmer is uniquely able to meet these needs through a diverse portfolio of products such as Thermal Analysis, FTIR, UV-Vis, Raman, GC, GC/MS, LC, LC/MS, AA, ICP-OES and ICP-MS as well as an array of laboratory services, software, and consumables.


Polytec Inc.

Polytec is an established global leader providing optically based non-contact measurement solutions to researchers and engineers for 50 years. Our portfolio includes modular Near Infrared and Raman process analytical spectroscopic systems for online industrial and laboratory applications. We offer sophisticated technology combined with decades of experience to guarantee an optimal solution.


Power4, LLC

Power4 offers a full line of power protection solutions, from power line conditioners to isolated uninterruptible power supplies. We offer real solutions for the technology your business relies on to keep your operation up and running smoothly. Strategies, Solutions, Support and Service, both before and after the sale, are part of Power4's reputation. Our product solution is not the end of our relationship with the customer; it is actually just the beginning!


Quantum Analytics

Rent, lease or purchase from our inventory of new and reconditioned instruments. Instruments include: GC, GC/MS, GC/TOF, HPLC, LC/MS, Molecular and Atomic Spectroscopy, Pyrolysis Systems, Thermal Desorption Systems, Purge and Trap, GC/MS-FTIR (IRD), AED, MSD Direct Inlet Probe, Post-Column Systems, SimDis Software, Gas Generators, Sample Preparation and Handling, Data Systems and Software; manufacturers include: Agilent Technologies, ASAP, Diablo, Frontier Laboratories, GeSiM, LEAP Technologies, Markes, Metrohm, Owlstone, Peak Scientific, Pickering Laboratories, Syft, Teledyne Tekmar and more.


rap.ID Inc.

rap.ID Inc. is the technological leader in the identification of particulate matter and is the inventor of image directed micro spectroscopy. Our industry wide standard Single Particle Explorer instrument sizes micro-particles and probes them via fully automated spectroscopy methods (Raman and LIBS), delivering chemical structure and elemental information. rap.ID Inc. provides dedicated contract testing and instrumentation for the reliable isolation, enumeration, and identification of foreign particulate matter in pharmaceuticals and other high quality products. We also operate laboratories in Monmouth Junction, NJ, USA and Berlin, Germany. rap.ID Inc. has years of invaluable experience and knowledge in regards to customized application development and analysis services.


Reaction Analytics Inc.

The iChemExplorer brings chemistry and analysis together at the sample vial in the HPLC for a seamless solution to process optimization, catalyst screening, forced degradation and solubility. Please join us in booth #229 as we share recent discoveries using the ICE box and ICE ware.


Reichert Technologies - Analytical Instruments

Reichert Technologies has created advanced optical and analytical instruments for more than 150 years. We continue that proud tradition with our NEW Refractometers, Density Meters, and Polarimeters that offer world-class optics, automatic temperature compensation, ease of use with unsurpassed precision. Part of a flexible system, these innovative, highly precise instruments are dependable, robust solutions to all laboratory measurement requirements, calculating accurately, quickly, and easily, streamlining workflow.


Reliance Electronics Inc

Reliance Electronics Inc(REI) provides one stop service for Electronic Manufacturing for Medical, Defense, Aerospace, Industrial Controls, Analytical and Testing Instruments, Audio, communication and other industries. We design,fabricate and assemble PC Boards. We provide total turnkey manufacturing of any electronic instrument. We also manufacture Membrane Switches and make cables and harnesses. Try our services just one time and you will be pleasantly surprised how convenient and affordable it is to do business with REI. On a side note, we literally made waves in February 2016 when LIGO team announced that they have found Gravitational Waves, a theory proposed by Albert Einstein a century ago. REI helped design and manufacture circuit boards used in instruments for detecting Gravitational Waves.


Restek Corporation

Restek develops and manufactures innovative columns, tools, accessories, and reference chemicals for gas and liquid chromatography. Our products are used by a broad spectrum of analysts in research and development, production, quality assurance, and teaching laboratories. Work areas include clinical and biomedical investigations; environmental monitoring; food, flavor, and fragrance quality assurance; forensics; petroleum and petrochemicals production, pharmaceuticals research and production; and others. Our general catalog describes more than 10,000 products for sample preparation and chromatography: capillary GC columns, packed GC columns, HPLC and LCMS columns.


Rigaku Americas Corp

Rigaku manufactures a complete range of XRD and XRF instruments and components for research, testing, industrial process control, and products development. Systems include the MiniFlex benchtop XRD and Supermini 200 benchtop WDXRF systems, the Ultima IV and SmartLab® multi-purpose diffractometers with SAXS and in-plane capabilities, D/MAX RAPID II micro-diffraction systems, S-MAX3000 small angle scattering systems, and the ZSX Primus series of high-powered WDXRF spectrometers with mapping capabilities, in either tube-above or tube-below configurations.


Rudolph Research Analytical

Polarimeters, Refractometers, Density Meters/Specific Gravity Meters: Sample Handling Automation available for all instrumentation. Automatic Polarimeter line includes 12 different models with features including 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, multiple wavelengths, electronic cooling and heating. Automatic Refractometer line includes 6 different models with electronic cooling and heating, wide Refractive Index range (1.3 - 1.7 RI). Automatic Density Meters/Specific Gravity Meters with many innovative features designed to meet the most demanding applications. Models to satisfy needs of the pharmaceutical, sugar, food, flavor and fragrance, chemical, beverage, and petrochemical industries, as well as education and research.



SCIEX helps to improve the world we live in by enabling scientists and laboratory analysts to find answers to the complex analytical challenges they face. SCIEX's global leadership and world-class service and support in the capillary electrophoresis and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry industry have made it a trusted partner to thousands of the scientists and lab analysts worldwide who are focused on basic research, drug discovery and development, food and environmental testing, forensics and clinical research.



A successful, privately owned, manufacturer of analytical equipment, supplies, reagents and matrix reference materials. Products include: NovaWAVE and MiniWAVE microwave digestion systems; DigiPREP graphite block digestion systems for metals and TKN; EasyPREP environmental analyzers(for BOD and COD), EasyPREP chemistry analyzer (for pH, conductivity and alkalinity), and EasyPREP liquid sample handling for ICP/ICP-MS sample preparation; ICP/ICP-MS supplies (i.e. replacement nebulizers, spray chambers, torches, cones, peristaltic pump tubing and calibration/quality control standards); CONOSTAN®-Oil based standards (i.e. metallo-organic, TAN/TBN, viscosity and sulfur-in-oil); and XRF supplies (i.e. pelletizing presses, grinding machines, sample cups and thin-films).


SEAL Analytical

SEAL Analytical is a global manufacturer & supplier of automated discrete analyzers & continuous flow analyzers for the water, wastewater, soil, plant, fertilizer, food and beverage markets. We provide genuine parts, consumables, services and support for AA1, AA3, QuAAtro, & TrAAcs (formerly Technicon) analyzers & the SEAL AQ1, AQ2 and AQ400 analyzers. SEAL Analytical also manufactures sample preparation and digestion systems for TKN and metals analysis.


Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc.

Shimadzu Scientific Instruments is a leading provider of analytical measurement and testing instrumentation for a broad range of applications in science and industry, including in such areas as academic research, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, environmental, chemicals, and forensics. Instruments include chromatographs (HPLC/UFLC/UHPLC, GC); mass spectrometers (GC/MS, LC/MS, MALDI); spectrophotometers (FT-IR, Fluorescence, UV-VIS-NIR); atomic spectrometers (AA, ICP); X-ray spectrometers (EDX, XRD, XRF); thermal & particle size analyzers; Total Organic Carbon analyzers; data systems/software; balances; and materials testers.


Sonntek, Inc.

Sonntek, Inc. has been dedicated for over 30 years to serving the scientific community through sales, service and support. We have a broad inventory of research lamps for all applications and provide solutions for difficult problems. We supply and support old and new instruments for Separation or Purification, HPLC, FPLC and beyond. Stop by and see what is new!


SOTAX Corporation

SOTAX is a leading manufacturer of product testing instruments. From dissolution/drug release to automated sample preparation workstations, to physical testing instruments evaluating tablets and capsules straight from the press, SOTAX has solutions for today's challenging QbD environments. Come experience the innovative circular design of our new AT dissolution bath for USP 1,2,5,and 6 testing. Review how SOTAX builds compliance into the design and functionality of our products, including auto-centered dissolution vessels and a quick-lock fixed shaft height on our new AT dissolution system. New to sample prep automation or apparatus 4 dissolution? Sotax can provide the full method development, validation, and transfer for your automation and/or dissolution methods. If you are looking for ways to boost your lab's productivity through automation, SOTAX has the experience for successful implementation. SOTAX has integrated and expanded the Dr. Schleuniger® Pharmatron product lines of testing physical parameters (weight, thickness, width, length and hardness) of tablets and capsules, including the newly designed automated SmartTest 50.


SPECTRO Analytical Instruments

A member of the AMETEK Materials Analysis Division, SPECTRO is one of the worldwide leading suppliers of analytical instruments for elemental analysis, employing optical emission, EDXRF, ICP-OES and ICP-MS technology. SPECTRO serves a wide range of markets such as pharmaceutical, petrochemistry, chemical, academia, metals, environmental, mining, precious metals to name just a few. SPECTRO is featuring the new SPECTRO ARCOS ICP-OES with Multiview technology and the SPECTROSCOUT XRF analyzer for at-line analysis.


Spectroscopy magazine

With a circulation of 24,300, Spectroscopy provides peer-reviewed technical and applications-oriented information to the largest audited circulation of influential spectroscopists in the United States. With our focus on cutting-edge techniques such as Raman, X-Ray, MS, lasers and optics, ICP-MS, FT-IR, and the multitude of other hyphenated techniques that continue to grow in popularity, our unique editorial content enables substantial productivity improvement in the laboratory, while facilitating the exchange and flow of information throughout the scientific community.


SPEX SamplePrep

SPEX SamplePrep has provided superior sample preparation equipment for over 60 years. Our tissue homogenizers and cryogenic grinders are specifically designed for extracting nucleic acids and other compounds from plant and animal tissues while preserving sample integrity. Visit to learn how our products can improve your lab.


TA Instruments

Visit TA Instruments, the world leader in thermal analysis, rheology and microcalorimetry. The New Discovery DSC and TGA represent the highest performing thermal suite available. Additional thermal instruments include DMA, TMA, and Sorption. The Discovery Hybrid Rheometer provides unmatched testing versatility. The new Affinity ITC and Nano DSC measure protein structure and interactions. A complete instrument line is available for thermal conductivity and dilatometry, including the new LaserComp Fox line. Our new TA ElectroForce products offer fatigue and durability testing.


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Visit Thermo Fisher Scientific in aisle 400 for integrated laboratory workflow solutions utilizing chromatography, mass spectrometry, trace elemental analysis and molecular spectroscopy. Come see the very latest solutions in LC, LC/MS, GC/MS, UV-Vis, FT-IR, NIR, Raman and NMR technologies to help streamline your processes, deliver more confident results, yield higher throughput, and reduce sample preparation. Join us on Tuesday, November 15, in the Davis Room for our informative workshop on chromatography, mass spectrometry and trace elemental analysis. 12:30 PM Register, lunch buffet 12:45 PM Redefine Routine Analysis by Overcoming the Challenges of Semi-Volatile (SVOC) Analysis Learn how the Thermo Scientific EPA 8270D Analyzer Kit can ensure method requirements, sensitivity, robustness and sustainability using a start-to-finish proven workflow. This kit allows labs to capitalize on analyzing more samples per unit of time with significant cost savings while meeting method requirements. These smart innovations enrich the laboratory's GC-MS SVOC workflow and provide improved performance and productivity. This presentation is ideal for analysts who are seeking new, enhanced capabilities to simplify sample analysis from injection to reporting. Top Discussion Points Include 1. EPA 8270D Analyzer Kit - Tailored to the needs of the laboratory for enhanced performance and workflow sustainability 2. Gas Chromatograph Modularity - guarantees flexible instrument configuration and less downtime with our user installable modular injectors and detectors 3. Helium Saver - allows the system to operate up to 15 years on a single gas cylinder 4. Vacuum interlock - source removal without venting or cooling, for nonstop productivity 5. Innovative ion source - requires less cleaning with robust, inert design that includes RF lens to protect quadrupoles from ion burn 6. Thermo Scientific Chromeleon CDS software -takes you from samples to results quickly and easily 1:45 PM Unlimited Possibilities: Using Next Generation UHPLC and Column Chemistries to Cross Chromatographic Boundaries Discover how the separation and detection capabilities of the Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC platform deliver unsurpassed results. A unique design concept together with hardware and software innovations clearly separate Vanquish from competitive instruments, including method transfer from other systems based on novel hardware capabilities. 2:15 PM Unlimited Possibilities: Using Next Generation UHPLC and Column Chemistries to Cross Chromatographic Boundaries Discover how the separation and detection capabilities of the Thermo Scientific® Vanquish® UHPLC platform deliver unsurpassed results. A unique design concept together with hardware and software innovations clearly separate Vanquish from competitive instruments, including method transfer from other systems based on novel hardware capabilities. 2:45 PM Ion Chromatography for Pharmaceutical Analysis Ion chromatography (IC) is a well-established liquid chromatographic technique increasingly being used for pharmaceutical analysis. IC typically uses an ion-exchange separation followed by suppressed conductivity, pulsed amperometry, or UV absorbance detection. Applications of IC in the pharmaceutical industry include drug assay, assay of one or more impurities in a drug substance, counterion determination, and measurement of drug product excipients. IC is one of the instrumental techniques now allowed by the USP for identification tests (USP <191>) and is also the prescribed technique for determining citrate and phosphate in drug products (USP <345>). In addition to its increased use in regulatory methods, modern IC has features valued by analytical laboratories. For most applications the IC instrument is able to make its own mobile phase. The analyst must only add deionized water to the instrument. This eliminates mobile phase preparation errors and improves intra- and inter-lab reproducibility. IC mobile phases rarely contain organic solvents and therefore waste disposal costs are reduced and the analyst is not exposed to sometimes hazardous organic solvents. This workshop will cover the basic principles of IC including a detailed description of separation and detection options. The second section will review some representative IC applications for pharmaceutical analysis. The final portion of the workshop will describe the necessary steps for developing an IC application for pharmaceutical analysis.


U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP)

The U. S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) is a scientific, nonprofit, standards-setting organization that advances public health through standards and related programs that help ensure the quality, safety, and benefit of medicines and foods. USP establishes documentary standards for medicines in the USP&#8210;NF and offers more than 3,600 Reference Standards for use in testing to help ensure identity, strength, quality, and purity. Materials based directly on official monographs in the USP-NF-whose standards and procedures are enforceable by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration-are used in more than 140 countries.


ULVAC Technologies, Inc.

ULVAC is launching the new Micropaddle stirring device for 96 well plates at the EAS exhibition. Applicable to the pharmaceutical, medical and chemical fields, the PC controlled Micropaddle stirs at speeds from 0 to 3000rpm, with +/- 1rpm accuracy and control. The 12 rows of 8 wells in the 96 well plate can be stirred at different speeds simultaneously, making dissolution or emulsification studies fast and easy. ULVAC will also have on display clean and quiet running laboratory vacuum pumps used for evaporators, sterilizers and analytical instruments.


VUV Analytics

VUV Analytics is the world leader in vacuum ultraviolet (VUV) absorption spectroscopy. VUV Analytics manufactures the VGA-100, VGA-101, & SVGA-100 universal gas chromatography (GC) and streaming gas detectors. Everything absorbs strongly in the VUV spectrum. Compounds can be unambiguously identified and quantitated in a variety of applications including oil & gas, forensics, fragrances & flavors, petrochemical, environmental, and life science. VUV detectors provide unmatched selectivity of co-eluting isomers without the need for chromatographic baseline resolution. VUV spectrometry is easy to use, doesn't utilize vacuum pump technology, and isn't dependent on continuous calibration.


Waters Corporation

Waters Corporation creates business advantages for laboratory-dependent pharmaceutical organizations by delivering scientific innovation to enable customers to make significant advancements. Waters helps customers make profound discoveries, optimize laboratory operations, deliver product performance, and ensure regulatory compliance with a connected portfolio of separations and analytical science, laboratory informatics, mass spectrometry, as well as thermal analysis.



Wilmad-LabGlass, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company, has been manufacturing and distributing laboratory and scientific glassware for over 70 years. Wilmad is a leading manufacturer of high precision engineered glass components. Wilmad is also the market leader in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Sample Tubes (NMR) and Electron-Paramagnetic-Resonance (EPR). LabGlass manufactures and distributes a wide variety of specialty laboratory glassware products and equipment.


Wyatt Technology Corporation

Wyatt Technology is the recognized leader in instrumentation and software for determining the absolute molar mass, size, charge and interactions of macromolecules and nanoparticles in solution. These tools include: in-line multi-angle static light scattering - SEC-MALS, high-throughput dynamic light scattering - DLS, high-sensitivity electrophoretic mobility - MP-PALS, field flow fractionation - FFF-MALS, automated composition gradients for interaction analysis - CG-MALS, differential refractometry, and differential viscosity. Wyatt's training, service and support are widely considered the industry benchmark of excellence.


XRF Scientific Americas

Part of the XRF Scientific Company group, we supply the platinum ware for all the X-Ray fluorescence machines, plus a full line of dishes and electrodes. We manufacture the XrFuse electrical and the Phoenix gas instruments plus a full range of Li Tetraborate and Li Metaborate granular fluxes. Complete product line for the temperature measurements and evaporation materials is available. We offer the refining services to reclaim value from the used precious metals. Our Sales Team can assist you in English, Spanish and French. Visit for more information.


YMC America, Inc.

YMC America sells and supports YMC brand HPLC columns and packings in the Americas. YMC features the Triart family of hybrid silica based HPLC, UHPLC, and SFC columns that includes 6 stationary phases in columns diameters from 75 micron to 20 cm id. Chiral Art derivatized polysaccharide phases and information on BioPro porous and non-porous SP and Q ion exchange columns is available in Booth 304.


ZirChrom Separations, Inc.

ZirChrom offers zirconia- and titania-based products for chromatographic method development. We provide a wide variety of column chemistries for reversed-phase (including LC-MS), ion exchange, normal phase and chiral chromatography. We also offer sub 2 micron products. ZirChrom HPLC columns are renowned for their unique selectivity, exacting reproducibility, high efficiency and ultra-stability. These columns may be used at both ambient and elevated temperature (to enhance LC-MS sensitivity and to reduce analysis time). Specialty products are available for in-line protein removal, phosphorylated peptide isolation and monoclonal antibody purification.