Short Courses

EAS Short Course
EAS Short Course

2016 Short Courses will be offered from Sunday, November 13 through Wednesday, November 16, 2015 from 8:30am – 5:00pm.

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EAS short courses are designed to help the practicing analyst develop new skills and enhance knowledge. Taught by experts, the short courses emphasize practical knowledge of a variety of important topics to help one keep current with best practices and new techniques. Whether you want to learn of a new analytical technology, understand new regulations, explore a new analytical field, or just brush up a new concept in your area of expertise, there is a course for you.

EAS half-day, one-day and two-day short courses emphasize:  

  • A wide range of topics
  • Interactive Discussions
  • Case Studies for Illustration
  • Practical and Problem Solving Tips

Located in the heart of the greater Northeast, EAS short courses are a convenient way to gain knowledge in the comfortable setting of a major conference at a reasonable price. Registration for the meeting is required.

Pricing for 2016 Short Courses:
Registration rates prior to Oct. 15th are $375 for a half-day course, $575 for a one-day course and $850 for a two-day course.  note:  pricing for courses is in addition to the Full Conferee registration fee of $225.

Registration rates after Oct. 15th are $525 for a half-day course, $775 for a one-day course and $1,175 for a two-day course; note:  pricing for courses is in addition to the Full Conferee registration fee of $300.

2016 short courses:
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Two-Day Courses Instructor(s)
Quality-by-Design Fundamentals for Analytical Chemists:  A New Paradigm for the Analytical Laboratory Part 1 &/or Part 2 (Nov. 13 -14) Zenaida Otero Gephardt
LC/MS:  Theory, Instruments, and Applications  (Nov. 14-15) Guodong Chen
Ragu Ramanathan
Joseph Tweed
How to Develop Validated HPLC Methods: Rational Design with Practical
Statistics and Troubleshooting  (Nov. 15-16)
Brian Bidlingmeyer
Stanley Deming
Practical Gas Chromatography (Nov. 13-14) Eugene Barry
Thomas Brettell
Troubleshooting Chromatographic Systems (Nov. 13-14) Merlin Bicking
Douglas Raynie
Advanced HPLC/UHPLC Part 1 & Part 2: Fundamentals and Pharmaceutical Applications (Nov. 14-15) Michael Dong
Chemometrics Without Equations Part 1 & Part 2 (Nov. 13-14) Don Dahlberg
Neal Gallagher 
One-Day Courses  Instructor(s)
Keeping Your Analytical Procedures in Compliance with the FDA: Validation, Documentation, and Change Management (Nov. 15) Kim Huynh-Ba
Practical Guide to Reversed-Phase HPLC (Nov. 16)
Merlin Bicking
Richard Henry
Conducting Effective Investigations of Out of Specification and Atypical Laboratory Results: Using Root Cause Analysis and CAPA to Close Them Quickly and Keep Them from Coming Back (Nov. 15)
Gregory Martin 
Two-Dimensional Liquid Chromatography for Pharmaceutical Analysis (Nov. 13) Dwight Stoll Kelly Zhang
Analytical Forensic Metrology  (Nov. 14) Jerry Messman
Hands-on FT-IR Microspectroscopy  (Nov. 16) David Schiering
John Reffner
Impurities in Pharmaceuticals – A Survey Course  (Nov. 13)
Bernard Olsen 
Advanced HPLC/UHPLC Part 1 (Nov. 14) OR Part 2  (Nov. 15)
Michael Dong
Introduction to GLP Regulations and Bioanalytical Method Validation by
LC-MS/MS (Nov. 15)
Perry Wang
Quality-by-Design Fundamentals for Analytical Chemists:  A New Paradigm for the Analytical Laboratory Part 1 (Nov. 13) OR Part 2 (Nov. 14) Zenaida Otero Gephardt
CounterCurrent Chromatography (Nov. 16) Gary Yanik
Dave Thorton
Guy Harris
Introduction to Chemometrics Without Equations (Part 1, Nov. 13)
OR Intermediate Chemometrics Without Equations (Part 2, Nov. 14)
Don Dahlberg
Neal Gallagher
Getting the most from GC and GC/MS (Nov. 15) Nicholas Snow
Gregory Slack
LC-MS Method Development for Small Molecule Pharmaceuticals (Nov. 14) Perry Wang
Polymers:  An Introduction and Characterization Techniques (Nov. 13) Diep Nguyen
Interpretation of Mass Spectra with Practical Solutions to Problems (Nov. 16) Mike Lee 
Lifecycle Approach to Analytical Methods:  Incorporating QbD Concepts into Method Development, Validation, Verification and Transfer  (Nov. 16)
Gregory Martin 
The Chemistry of Drug Degradation (Nov. 13) Gregory Sluggett
Todd Zelesky
Shane Eisenbeis
Sample Preparation: The Chemistry Behind the Techniques (Nov. 15) Douglas Raynie 
Merlin Bicking
Analysis of Proteins and Peptides in Biological Matrices by LC-MS/MS (Nov. 13) Yan Zhang
Jun Qu
Hao Jiang
Science, Risk and Statistics in Cleaning Validation (Nov. 15) Andrew Walsh
Introduction to Vibrational Spectroscopy for Real Time Analysis John Wasylyk
Peter Larkin
Half-Day Courses Instructor(s)
Fundamentals and Practical Applications of Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (Nov. 16, afternoon) Lydia Breckenridge
Introduction to Gas Chromatography/Infrared Spectroscopy (Nov. 16, morning) John Schneider
HPLC/UHPLC Method Development Made Easy (Nov. 16, morning)
Michael Dong
Practical Introduction to Titration Method Development (Nov. 16 morning) Kerri-Ann Blake

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