2020 Short Course Schedule

2020 Short Courses will be offered from Sunday, November 15 through Wednesday, November 18, 2020 from 8:30am – 5:00pm at the Crowne Plaza Princeton – Conference Center in Plainsboro, NJ.  See list of courses below or click here to download the preliminary list.

The short course program has long been an integral part of EAS and provides a valuable service to both students and professionals who seek to refine or augment their scientific development. The Short Course committee strives to offer high caliber courses that align with EAS’s mission and can include fundamental analytical techniques and principles, novel technologies and regulatory affairs. Becoming an EAS Short Course instructor is a rewarding endeavor and an excellent opportunity to share your knowledge with the broader analytical community; we sincerely hope you will consider submitting a proposal!

EAS short courses are designed to help the practicing analyst develop new skills and enhance knowledge. Taught by experts, the short courses emphasize practical knowledge of a variety of important topics to help one keep current with best practices and new techniques. Whether you want to learn of a new analytical technology, understand new regulations, explore a new analytical field, or just brush up a new concept in your area of expertise, there is a course for you.

EAS’s one-day and two-day short courses emphasize:
– A wide range of topics
– Interactive discussions
– Case studies for illustration
– Practical and problem solving tips

Located in the heart of the greater Northeast, EAS short courses are a convenient way to gain knowledge in the comfortable setting of a major conference at a reasonable price. Registration for the meeting is required.

Pricing for 2020 Short Courses:
Registration rates are $550 for a one-day course and $850 for a two-day course before Oct. 15th and  $775 for a one-day course and $1,175 for a two-day course after Oct. 15th; note:  pricing for courses is in addition to the Full Conferee registration fee.

NEW for 2020!  EAS will be offering short course student rates of $70.00 per day for full-time students (proof of ID required); plus full-time student registration fee of $30.00 but must register by Oct. 15th.  Space is limited.

2020 List of Short Courses
Click here to download a pdf file of preliminary list of short courses with links to descriptions

# of Days Course Names
Click on course title for description
2 days An Introduction to High Resolution Mass Spectrometry for Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis (NEW) Matthew Blatnik, Pfizer
Graham West, Pfizer
2 days Practical LC-MS Method Development and Sample Preparation Perry Wang, LC-MS Technical Expert
2 days HPLC & UPLC For Practicing Scientists Part 1 &/or 2: Fundamentals & Best Practices in Method Development and Operation Troubleshooting Michael W. Dong, MWD Consulting
1 day Protein Therapeutics Immunogenicity (NEW) Robert Dodge, Novartis
1 day Machine Learning for Chemometricians: ANNs, SVMs, XGBoost and other Non-linear Methods for Calibration and Classification (NEW) Barry Wise, Eigenvector Research
Donal O’Sullivan, Eigenvector Research
1 day Learning Chromatography with LC Simulator (NEW) Martin Gilar, Waters
1 day Communicating Analytical Results in the Pharmaceutical Labs and Maintaining Data Integrity with Good Documentation Practices (NEW) Kim Huynh-Ba, Pharmalytik Consulting
1 day Practical LC-MS Method Validation (NEW) Perry Wang, LC-MS Technical Expert
1 day Green Analytical Chemistry (NEW) Douglas Raynie, SD State University
1 day Practical Reversed Phase LC – What to Do When C18 Does or Doesn’t Work (NEW) Merlin Bicking, ACCTA, Inc.
1 day Getting the Most out of Capillary Gas Chromatography (NEW) Matthew Klee, XO Associates LLC
1 day Concepts in Pharmaceutical Impurity Analysis (NEW) Bernard Olsen, Olsen Consulting
Steve Baertschi, Baertschi Consulting
1 day Problems with FT-IR Spectra and How to Avoid Themprovided in collaboration with SAS (NEW) Ellen Miseo, TeakOrigin
Jenni Briggs, Pike Technologies
1 day A Practical Introduction to Infrared, Raman, and Near Infrared Spectroscopy, provided in collaboration with SAS (NEW) James A. de Haseth, Light Light Solutions
1 day HPTLC – The Other High-Performance Chromatography: Parameters, Applications, Method Development and Troubleshooting (NEW) Eike Reich, HPTLC Association
Wilmer Perera, CAMAG Scientific
1 day Characterization of Biologics by Capillary Electrophoresis, Liquid Chromatography, and Mass Spectrometry (NEW) Li Tao, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Ming Zeng, Bristol-Myers Squibb
1 day How to Develop Validated HPLC Methods: Rational Design with Practical Statistics and Troubleshooting Brian Bidlingmeyer, Analytical Acumen Inc.
Stanley Deming, Statistical Designs
1 day Raman Microscopy Imaging Carlos Morillo, JASCO Inc.
1 day Headspace-Gas Chromatography Fundamentals, Method Development and Method Transfer  Matthew Klee, XO Associates LLC
1 day GC/MS Fundamentals for Operators  Matthew Klee, XO Associates LLC
1 day Understanding the Cannabis Landscape from Seed to Testing Susan Audino, S.A.Audino & Associates
1 day Practical NMR Spectroscopy Damodaran Achary, University of Pittsburgh
1 day Intact and Top-Down Protein Characterization and Quantitation by Mass Spectrometry: Approaches for Pharmaceutical Drug Discovery, Development, and Bioanalysis John Kellie, GlaxoSmithKline
1 day Supercritical Fluid Chromatography (SFC): A Powerful and Greener Tool for Analytical and Preparative Separations Yingru Zhang, Bristol-Myers Squibb
Mike Hicks, Merck & Co.
1 day Systematic Chromatography Troubleshooting Merlin Bicking, ACCTA, Inc.
Douglas Raynie, SD State University
1 day Modern Size Exclusion Chromatography of Synthetic Polymers and Biopolymers Howard Barth, Analytical Chemistry Consultants
Brian Bidlingmeyer, Analytical Acumen 
1 day Life Cycle Management of Analytical Validation for Pharmaceutical Products Kim Huynh-Ba, Pharmalytik Consulting
1 day Getting the most from GC and GC/MS Gregory Slack, Boston Analytical
Nicholas Snow, Seton Hall University
1 day Life Cycle Approach to Analytical Methods for Drug Products, Incorporating QbD Concepts Gregory Martin, Complectors Consulting
1 day Quality-by-Design Fundamentals for Optimal Operation in the Analytical Laboratory Zenaida Otero Gephardt, Otero Associates
1 day Modern Portable Analytical Spectroscopy Richard Crocombe, Crocombe Spectroscopic Consulting
Pauline Leary, Federal Resources
1 day Process Analytical Technology: Out of the Lab and into the Lineprovided in collaboration with SAS James Rydzak, Specere Consulting