Message from the Program Chair

Mike Hicks photoWe are delighted to provide the 2017 EAS technical program themed “Building our Analytical Future” at the new, beautiful Crowne Plaza Princeton Conference Center location.  This great new venue fully integrates the vendor exposition with the technical talks under one roof. Accepted posters will also be more centralized to the activity located throughout the pond-view causeway, overlooking the serene scenery. Click here to download our Conference-in-Miniature for an overview of our program

Our invited sessions (click here to download our full Technical Program) provide a vibrant array of analytical topics covering the broad interests of our attendees from academia and industry alike.  The EAS Awards and our sponsoring organizations’ awards celebrate analytical excellence across several prominent analytical areas including solid state NMR, mass spectroscopy, separation science and chemometrics. The 2017 EAS Fields Award honors Prof. Janusz Pawliszyn, University of Waterloo, for his renowned achievements across multiple fields including solid phase micro-extraction, microfluidics, capillary sampling and multi-dimensional separations methodologies

We are also pleased to welcome distinguished scientist Chris Welch to receive the EAS Award for Outstanding Achievements in Separation Sciences for his superior separation approaches in expedited and multi-dimensional technologies fulfilling the needs and challenges of high-throughput analysis in the modern pharmaceutical era.  The Outstanding Achievements Award recipient Professor Bernhard Blümich RWTH Aachen University tops a very strong solid state NMR session accompanied by a series of sessions focused on solid state analysis using a wide range of analytical techniques, includling X-ray, Raman or FT-IR, Maldi with atomic force or scanning electron microscopy.  Prof. Barry Lavine, Oklahoma State University, is accepting the EAS Outstanding Achievements in Chemometrics.  Prof. Scott McLuckey, Purdue University, is being awarded for his collisional activation in analytical mass spectroscopy contributions to the MS Community at large.  In addition to honoring the renowned scientists in their fields, EAS 2017 will present Prof. Dwight Stoll, Gustavus Adolphus College, the Young Investigator Award recognizing his excellent research on recent advances in 2D-LC.

The 2017 program has great sessions on cultural heritage conservation, microscopy, environmental science and lab forensics, just to name a few topics. Please join us, connect cross-functionally and identify new collaboration opportunities.

Help “Build our Analytical Future” by contributing an abstract for an oral or poster session. The abstract submission window for contributed poster presentations ends September 1, 2017; the oral submission site is now closed. On behalf of the EAS Program Committee, I am confident that 2017 EAS will be outstanding with an exceptional technical program this coming November.

Mike Hicks 
2017 EAS Program Chair