Message from the Program Chair

Welcome to the 2016 EAS technical program consisting of an array of Oral and Poster sessions to reflect our current EAS theme “Analytical Chemistry Opens Doors.”

These award, invited and contributed oral sessions (click here to download Final Program) illustrate the breadth of scientific applications and the impact of the many analytical innovations on numerous application areas.  The list of this year’s EAS and Sponsoring Organization award winners from the research fields of biochemistry, environment, food, chemical, and pharmaceutical, further demonstrates how far the analytical chemistry field reaches and the significant contribution to several key areas of current research it makes.  The major innovations of the analytical field will be highlighted by our award winners’ based on their scientific excellence as documented in the scientific journals.  In addition to honoring the renowned scientists in their fields, EAS 2016 will present the Young Investigator Award to Dr. Lili He in recognizing her research excellence within three years of being a faculty in the Food Science Department at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Her research focus of developing surface enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) techniques has a variety of applications in food safety and food chemistry fields.  Visit the Award menu for all of our awardees’ biographies.

We invite you to submit an abstract and be a part of the contributed oral and poster program. Our contributed sessions are excellent companions of the invited presentations.  They will showcase recent advances in analytical techniques and their applications.  Please note that the abstract submission window for contributed abstracts is now closed.  The 2017 call for papers will open in early March 2017.

On behalf of the EAS Program Committee, we look forward to your participation in our exceptional 2016 program this coming November.

Judy Lin
2016 EAS Program Chair